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Motivated and Excited...Innovators, now is the time to join us!

I am so motivated and excited after attending University of Texas, TALC's (Texas Aging and Longevity Consortium) Meet and Greet this past week representing Austin's Chapter of Aging 2.0 and the GAIL (Global Agetech Innovations Lab).

There were so many UT students and researchers interested in Aging and Agetech that it was encouraging to see such bright minds that can contribute to the aging ecosystem.

The projects and ideas of these students were amazing. I am hoping to represent them as members in the GAIL to help them make the connections they desire and help fast track their aging service careers.

Students can sign up here for FREE!

If you are an innovator in the aging space, please join the GAIL today for FREE by signing up here. Now is the time to start planning for Summer 2023 internships and getting connected with these bright minds.

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