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Austin Medtech Connect rocks Capital Factory with a bang into the new year!

The GAIL knows collaborations and connections is what it is all about. So the GAIL has been busy building membership and gaining momentum partnering with sister entities to broaden the exposure of collaboration opportunities amongst it's membership.

Aging 2.0 and Austin Aging 2.0 has set the tone for support and growth of the GAIL by allowing a communication portal into 31 countries, 130 chapters by officially partnering with GAIL. Innovators from around the world seeking collaboration are finding that the GAIL is down to business.

Founder/Director Amy Chidester states "We are not an accelerator, an incubator, an investor nor a source for funding. We are a collaborative, virtual laboratory that is always working in the background to facilitate the most powerful and successful collaborations. The collaborations being made spark ideas, strategy, productive feedback and ongoing support of each member by each member."

We saw this in action this past month as AMC, a sister entity of GAIL, hosted a Medtech event at Capital Factory and highlighting Agetech as a valuable part of this world. AMC introduced Amy Chidester among the crowded room and it was astounding to see the outpouring of interest in our mission, initiatives and dedication to closing the gap of Agetech.

As the first members of the GAIL are already starting to see benefits to membership, they are increasingly excited and motivated to share the GAIL with colleagues and others that they know will use the laboratory and create good for our aging population.

"Membership is free and the benefits are priceless however members do need to know that this is a working laboratory. When you come to receive, you also have to come to give. Creativity is a must, innovative thinking is encouraged and success is celebrated." Amy welcomes all new members and invites any and all who want to join to do so with a free membership and free BLOG subscription as a part of membership by visiting GAIL at

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