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G.A.I.L. is award winning ya'll....

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has awarded G.A.I.L. with an Innovators in Aging award! See full press release here.

The state of Texas, recognizing it is the third-largest older adult population, has embarked on a campaign to help Texans plan, prepare and help all Texans be healthy, connected and informed as they age. HHSC's Age Well Live Well campaign highlights the importance of aging well and promotes increased community preparedness. The campaign outlines the steps we can take today to build a healthier tomorrow.

The older adult populations in Texas, California and Florida account for one-quarter of all people 65 and older in the entire United States. Texans age 50 and older are projected to number over 11 million by 2030, with ages 75–84 increasing the fastest, by about 750,000 within the next 10 years, which is no surprise to the GAIL and it's member organizations. The GAIL was developed and continues all initiatives to help organizations collaborate and provide resources faster and with higher quality which will help support the vast and expeditiously growing older adult population everywhere, not just Texas. In fact, the laboratory is global and our membership represents approximately 4 countries to date.

If you are interested in joining, please do. It is a free membership, however the expectation of membership is that you come with the willingness to not only receive benefits from the membership matchmaking services, but to also give resources to the other members to help everyone move forward closer to the ability to help older adults faster and better. Just complete this membership profile, also located on the website

The GAIL works with all entities of the Aging Ecosystem:

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