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Austin Aging 2.0 Newsletter spotlight

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Introduction to the first and only virtual Global Agetech Innovations Lab and how to get involved

Hello Austin Chapter of Aging 2.0! I am a new member as of 2021 and am currently volunteering on your leadership team with a group of awesome folks making things happen and reviving the chapter post-pandemic.

As a Master's level Certified Gerontologist having graduated from The Center for Gerontology at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA (Go Hokies!) and a 20 plus year experienced senior living executive, I have particular interest in the Agetech ecosystem. My consulting has led me to roles such as subject matter expert, strategist, operational specialist, project manager and quality improvement advisor.

Recently during my work with a few Agetech start-ups and networking with Austin’s Aging 2.0 members, I discovered a particular challenge trending amongst them all. They all have amazing, life changing products and/or services but they lack some essential expertise that can help improve speed to market as well as becoming adopted and accepted within the aging industry. I also noticed that with my connection to academia, they too were lacking some particular real world application of theories, research and employment.

This led me to develop the first and only virtual Global Agetech Innovations Laboratory. I am working with some academic universities on a future collaboration as well as currently collaborating with Aging 2.0 headquarters to expand membership globally to innovators and Agetech experts. Discussions are also being had with NIH and NIA about future potential collaboration.

The lab will serve as a virtual meeting spot for Agetech companies, creators, students, governmental agencies, operators, researchers, students, gerontologists, professors, older adults and their caregivers can all collaborate together to 1)speed up the path to market 2)test and gather data on new innovations and 3) work in tandem to meet each other’s needs where there may be gaps creating barriers to success.

As the founder and director I plan to serve as a matchmaker with my unique abilities to envision strategies for innovative products and services to be able to meet the needs in the aging industry. Each member will complete a profile and pay an annual membership fee. I, as well as a team of experts, will review the profile and match that organization with other members that can create mutually beneficial relationships within a trusted and professional space.

The lab will provide

for academia members:

  • A chance to connect to products and services wanting to be vetted in research

  • Potential free or discounted access to innovations/products and services to study

  • Employment opportunities for graduates

  • Databases for future resources

  • Opportunities for research studies with a variety of topics and real world challenges

Professional members

  • A chance to gather data on use of their products or services for future development and marketing

  • Data to become and remain attractive to funding entities about the impact of their innovation

  • Connections to a global user base who may have more rapport with academia contacts than businesses due to prevalence of scams

  • Hiring of bright minds and fresh talent from the world's best universities and colleges

  • Connections to subject matter experts, gerontologists and operators more cost effectively

I am reaching out to Aging 2.0 membership to ask for those interested in participating to please complete a member profile and or the most appropriate link below to get involved.

To give feedback or ask questions complete this form

If you are interested in my consulting services please check out my website and email me at

Sincerely, Amy S Chidester, MS, LNHA, Certified Gerontologist, Certified Caregiver Advocate

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