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New Administrator Mentoring/Training

Consulting: New Administrators

New Administrators are rare gems and need to be protected and cultivated.  Let me help you support your new Administrator in their learning journey to assist them in operational, leadership and problem solving challenges.  Turnover costs everyone so invest in your organizations future today.

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement is necessary to a thriving organization.  Building an importance and foundation on QAPI, can directly and indirectly improve operations and margin.

Problem Solving skills help new leaders to feel equipped with the tools to get them through tough situations and to not give up. Essential skills to cultivate tenure and reduce turnover.

Organizational Skills prepare a new leader to feel confident, be efficient and in control of important information necessary to complete their daily responsibilities.

Financial Auditing and Monitoring is required for ongoing success, transparency to governing bodies as well as being good stewards of resident's hard earned assets.

Operational and Systems Building can assist a new leader in developing and implementing creative strategies that make the disciplines successful and cross functional.

Best Practices can help leaders stay up to date in industry solutions arming them with the tools to get through some of the most challenging situations with ease.

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